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Courage To Love

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Workshops: Personal

Workshops: Corporate

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What is the Book About?


Janice’s unique blend of corporate experiences and personal insights inspires the audience with an entertaining and informative delivery of ideas and motivation.

Janice’s relaxed and humourous approach to all her keynote speeches keeps her audience connected and engaged in the learning. Janice is passionate about alleviating human suffering and getting the message across to her audience.

Topics will be selected from the book as per needs of client.

Workshops: Personal

Courage to Love Yourself was written by Janice Parviainen and has been broken down into a series of workshops, based on chapters within the book.

These workshops are offered within one weekend exploring all chapters relevant to the group, within Courage to Love Yourself.

Chapter One: Suffering
Chapter Two: Learning about self
Chapter Three: Forgive
Chapter Four: Love me left-handed
Chapter Five: Acceptance and appreciation
Chapter Six: Hiding on purpose
Chapter Seven: Answering the call
Chapter Eight: taking care

Upcoming Events and Workshops
Purchase of Courage to Love Yourself and Courage Cards is additional.

3-Day Workshops on Courage to Love Yourself Soul Spa will explore all chapters within the book, relevant to this group:

One Day Soul Spa


“Janice’s tools helped me refine and glean what my core values are. I have them written on a  stone to help me remember when I’m feeling lost and in need of direction. All her teachings are built on the core values and how to rely on those. Her book and her cards help me with this. I’m looking forward to listening to her audio book and listening to those teachings. I will be processing all that I learned for some time. Her space is beautiful and filled with things that lend themselves to helping me along my spiritual path.”
Alison, Peterborough, ON

“I came here nervous and somewhat skeptical. I left a believer.”
“I knew I needed direction and guidance and I found that and some!”
“It was enlightening and exhilarating learning the tools to help keep me aligned with my life’s purpose. Now I can give myself a soul spa when I feel the need to.”
Stirling, Aliston, ON

Workshops: Corporate

Reconnecting to Core Values

Saving time personally and professionally ~ gain clarity, focus and stop wasting time. Core Values Information Sheet (pdf)

Unplugging Projections

Reduce conflict in the workplace and at home. Improve team dynamics, results and communication. Unplugging Projections Information Sheet (pdf)


“It only took four minutes to rid my body and mind of hours-worth of stress and tension. I learned how to do this easily and it really worked. I can now do this on my own.” Meditation Information Sheet (pdf)

Becoming a Facilitator

Courage to Love Facilitator

The tools within Courage to Love Yourself are successfully facilitated to large and small groups and for personal development and corporate application.

To be qualified as a facilitator of these tools, please contact Janice directly at


Experience the tools in Courage to Love Yourself in order to lead your own groups of “circles” through the experiences within the book.

Please contact Janice directly at


What is the Book About?

What is the Book About?

The purpose of Courage to Love is to crack the veil of illusions that stop each and every one of us from being all that we can be, personally and professionally.

This poem is intended to remind us of what is possible when one has the courage to do a little work to free up a lot of love. If this poem resonates with you, then Courage to Love Yourself is a must read!

When you love yourself

When you love yourself
You realize you are not meant to suffer and you are never alone
As life is nothing but a school in which to learn
You accept the past for what it had to teach you
Learning from the lessons and thanking the teachers along the way.
Forgiving ourselves for what we have done, the harm we have caused
Letting that go and belonging in the now.

When you love yourself
You learn to forgive those who didn’t love you
the way you wanted them to.
They loved according to their own definition.
They did the best they knew how.
Forgive and release them.
Forgive and release yourself to experience your incredible potential
To live, to love, to learn, to take chances, and to serve.

When you love yourself
You celebrate “what is” and realize
That possibly you are not ready for “what isn’t”
We are all Masterpieces in different stages of Manifestation.
Everything at every moment is exactly as it is meant to be.

When you love yourself
You realize we are all here for a profound purpose.
To somehow make this world a better place.
You have come perfectly equipped with the exact strengths
And the courage to challenge your shortcomings
with joy and determination
For you are a unique orchestration of both.

When you love yourself
You are willing to laugh at your fallacies and share your strengths
Taking care of your BEING to ensure maximum energy for all
For all is powerful and all is possible
When you love yourself.

Janice Mae

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